Monday, March 11, 2013

Silently Stitching

Since it has been awhile (again), I will just post some pictures of what has been going on around here.
a little crochet

a little knitting

a little cooking

                                                          a little field tripping

The holiday season was fun and full of knit/crochet goodies, cooking, and games.  We always play Axis and Allies over Thanksgiving and Christmas. 

This semester started off slow but the kids picked up speed quickly.  The older two girls have to stick to their school schedule  in order to get all their schoolwork done and leave time for crafting of monsters for sale at the local coffee shop.  My younger daughter is working on her doll and bear patterns and working the kinks out of her designs.  Our living room is usually full of doll/bear/monster carcasses, stuffing, snippets of thread, dogs, and a little boy waiting in ambush with a rubberband gun!
He usually has warpaint on and sometimes camo gear. 

The first of the babies due by friends and family has arrived.  Booties, blankets, hats, and sweaters are flying off the needles and hooks and getting packaged up to send, along with some sewn items like dresses,toys, and pillowcases. I love making themed pillowcases for little ones.  My children use them for sleepovers.  It makes it easier not to forget, or to identify who it belongs to if they forget.     


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