Wednesday, October 10, 2012

I have been absent from this blog for far too long.  Our summer was so busy and full of fun and then school started and......I forgot about this poor blog.  Until, that is, today when I was cruising on Pinterest and came across some freeform crochet and I started thinking about why it always sets me on edge.

Free form - in an organized version

I finally figured out that it reminds me of an overly decorated home with too many knick-knacks.  I like order and clean lines, not as sterile and angular as ultra-modern design, but even and balanced design. I have always been attracted to modern design, but have found in my own personal living space I cannot live with bare walls or white walls.  When I have had to live in such enviroments, I become messy.

What I love about crochet is it's order, and predictable outcome.  By varying where your increases are and when you place them, you can get a flat circle or a sphere.  Or by starting with just a chain and again adding stitches, again controlling where the increases are, you can make a ruffled, parabolic, 3-D structure.

With freeform crochet, the artist's usually vary the fibers and motifs and it can end up bulky and messy.  There are just too many details to take in at once.

freeform crochet

An exception I do take is freeform lace made usually with Irish crochet.
Freeform Irish crochet lace

This type of freeform feeds my need for visual order and in it I can find beauty.

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