Monday, October 7, 2013

A Long and Winding Road

I finished a scarf for a friend's birthday. Lace Ribbon Scarf is a fun, fun, fun knit.  I used Fleece Artist yarn in plum.

Look at those waves, the blocking really opened them up.

My girls have been busy making the young guy some disguises and toys.

A viking helmet and beard, an Ooood mask (not sure of the spelling) and a mini Gandolf.  Young guy likes to point out items on Ravelry that he would like.  It makes the girl's gift giving easy.

Now that the temperature is cooling down, we have been craving things like chili, and stew, and fresh bread.
 This is our favorite Honey Oat Sandwich Bread from King Arthur Baker's Companion.  A version of this recipe is also found in their Whole Grain cookbook.  It is very versatile, I have made it with sourdough starter instead of yeast, used mixed grains like buckwheat or rye, and it never fails to please.

Last year we adopted two rescue dogs, a Yorkie-Poo and a Yorkie-Chihuahua-Dachshund (we think)mix.  We have had a lot of work with the Yorkie-Poo/Murphy.  He didn't like our existing dog, Milky a Pointer-Dane mix.  He didn't like my husband.  He bonded to me quickly and became my shadow and defender.  He had dominance/marking issues with Milky.  We celebrated each little moment of his relaxing and acclimating to being with us and having a steady home this past year and finally the other night something amazing happened.
Murphy sat next to Milky on Milky's bed.  His normal behavior is to have to be with me in the chair or under the chair and certainly never near Milky.  It was amazing.  Milky just sat there sleeping and allowing Murphy to share his bed.  It soon became a photo frenzy and still Murphy sat there.  Did I mention that he hates cameras?

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